Welcome to note~ for Max

Dear note~ users,

note~ v0.86xBeta is online available now.

While it still looks the same, a lot has happened underneath.
Among other things, some of the new features are:

- note~ is able to save all data together with the patcher containing it
- Most important functionality is accessible through Context Menus
- note.eventEditor objects can be cascaded and allow access to every event parameter
- output current and next event as one list in playback mode for breakpoint function like behavior

After downloading please take a quick look at the readme.txt for it explains the installation process and a few changes which might affect patchers using the old note~ version.

note~ no longer touches anything of the original Max Installation, but in order to make the docs work you have to disable "Use New Documentation Rendering" in the Max Preferences under "Recent".

Although it should already run under 64Bit I recommend using the 32Bit version for now. The Update Process is not completed yet. Reference and Tutorials still need some work.
However, enjoy, best, Thomas


Introduction to note~ for Max

Philippe Ollivier presents his Software "Granularscore", developed in Max/MSP with note~ for Max.

An interview with Phlippe Ollivier about Opium by TV France, an installation driven by his software Granularscore using note~ for Max.

The making of "Wings & Halos", a piece performed by Thomas Resch (Electronics) and Anna Egger (Cello) at the d'Bale 2012 Festival of the Electronic Studio Basel.

v0.862Beta Released:
21 JULY 2013